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Pocket Options Binary Bot

Open Binary Options Trading with Pocket Option

Pocket Option is the most trusted and regulated broker for the highest number of countries. It allows many Bonuses for the traders. Even if you are a registered user, you can get the 25% offer from the Promo Code. Register using a new email account to get the Pocket Option Offers

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Open IQ Option Account

IQ Option

Minimum Deposit $10
Minimum Trade $1
User Friendly Platform
Up to 100% Payout

Open Deriv Account


Minimum trade $0.35
Allow Bot Trading
Suitable for Advance traders
Many Trading Methods

Open Expert Option Account

Expert Option

Minimum Trade $1
100% deposit bonus
Many Tutorials
90% Payout


Open New Binary/Deriv Account

If you are new to Binary Options Trading, Click here to Open a New Binary Options Account


Login to the Binary Bot Platform

If you have Binary or Deriv account, login to the Binary Bot Platform by Clicking here


Download Bot Code Blocks

You can download Binary Bot code blocks to develop your own Bot

How to Develop Binary Options Trading Robots? 

These videos explains how to develop binary bots. You can request videos to learn Binary Bot development. 

Add custom function to binary bot

How to add custom function to the Binary Bot?

This video explains how to add custom function to the Binary Bot. You can create a function once and use it at multiple places of the bot. 

Split Martingale in Binary Bot

How to develop martingale split function?

This video explains how to develop martingale split function in a binary bot. You can split high martingale stakes to smaller parts. This is special because it splits total lost into given number of splits.

Make a sub list from a list

How to make a sub-list from a list?

In this video you can learn how to make a sub-list from a list. Here we use loop code block to add conditions to make the sublist.

Digit Differ Bot

Develop your own Digit Differ Bot

This video explains how to develop a digit Differ bot by tick analysis. You can use this video as a learning material but don't use for real trading. 

Digit Differ Binary Bot

How to Develop a Digit Differ Binary Option Trading Robot?

Digit Over Binary Bot

How to Develop a Digit Over Bot?

Direction Changing Binary Bot

How to develop a Direction Changing Binary Bot?

Contract Selling Binary Bot

How to sell trades when it is in Profit?

How to develop binary options robot?

How to develop a binary auto trading robot?

How to add trade conditions to the bot?

How to add trade conditions to the binary bot?

Martingale Factor

How to develop martingale Strategy ?

Add notifications to Binary Bot

How to add notifications to the binary bot?

Add Stop Loss and Take Profit to bot

How to add Stop Loss and Take Profit to the Binary Bot?

ODD EVEN Binary Bot

How to develop ODD EVEN Binary Bot?

open new Binary Option Real Account

How to Open Binary/ Deriv Account corectly?

Open AUD account

Why should I trade Binary options in AUD currency?

What is Binary Option Trading?

As the name derives you can choose one of two outcomes for a financial transaction which have an expiry date and time. At the time of expiry, if your prediction is correct, you will end up in money. If it’s wrong, you will lose the invested capital for the trade. Therefore it’s very important to study binary options very deeply to be a successful trader. Many Brokers allows you to start your trading life with $10,000 Virtual Money Account. It allows you to practice your strategies in the real market before invest real money.  
There are so many binary option brokers that serves different binary option trading methods. But it’s so important to choose a regulated broker. Here we have listed several binary option brokers which we can rate as the best binary option brokers.
Some brokers offer to trade with Binary bots, which are automated trading software. You can develop your own strategy as a binary bot and let them to trade for you. Or else you can develop your own binary bots through Binary Bot Development Experts.

Follow these steps to create a Binary Options Account

Contact our support team if you want to open new account for you by our team. We do it for you FREE


Choose a best Binary Options Broker

There are so many binary option brokers. But we recommend mainly 3 brokers who are trusted and regulated. Binary.com/ Deriv.com, IQ Option, and Export Option. There are many special features of these brokers. Here you can find a comparison among these brokers. If you are new to binary trading, please create a new email and follow the steps. Don’t use your personal email.


Open a Virtual Money Account

Many Brokers provide a $10,000 virtual money account. You can open a new account and practice trading in the virtual account. They provide unlimited virtual money to practice. Therefore no risk in trading with virtual money. Follow these steps to open a new Binary.com/ Deriv.com account.


Create an E-wallet

We recommend depositing to binary options trading through e-wallets. You can choose Neteller, Skrill, Perfect Money, AirTm, and many more e-wallets offered by the broker. There are many special requirements when creating an e-wallet. You can follow the instructions here to open an e-wallet correctly. 


Deposit for the first time

When you deposit for the first time, there are several steps to follow. We recommend you to deposit to the account in AUD if you are using Binary.com/ Deriv.com account. If you are using IQ option account, Deposit in RUB. Watch this video for more details on it. 


Trading Binary Options

There are many binary options trading methods available. The most common method is Rise/Fall (Call Put). Many brokers offer this in a minimum time frame of 1 minute. But Binary.com / Deriv.com offers this even from 1 tick. Including this, Binary.com and Deriv.com offer many more trading methods. Click here to learn more about trading methods.


Withdrawing Money to E-wallet

Withdrawing and depositing money through e-wallets is the best method to deal with Binary Options Brokers. There are many e-wallets you can choose. The most trusted and common e-wallets are Skrill, Neteller, Perfect Money, and Airtm.


Handle over your trading strategy to a bot

The next step is to automate your trading strategy. There are many developed binary option trading robots available. You can develop your own strategy as a binary bot or else you can download pre-developed binary bots to trade on your account. Learn more on this.

Trading Binary Options is always with Risk. It may not be suitable for all investors because you may lose all your invested capital. You should not invest more capital than you can risk. You should understand the risk involved before trading.

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